4.1 2022 Highlights

Investor Strategy

Disclosure of Information Engagement with Shareholders Consistent Dividend Payout Active Management Share Liquidity
  • Hafnia builds trust and confidence with its investor community by disclosing relevant information in an accurate, timely and transparent manner
  • We achieve this through regularly communicating significant developments through appropriate channels such as news releases, direct announcements, social media, investor presentations and annual reports
  • In 2022, Hafnia provided share-holders with quarterly financial statements following the end of each respective period. These financial results were reviewed and approved by the Board prior to external release. Hafnia will notify the investor community of the date of this release in advance, on the Oslo Stock Exchange and on its website
  • Hafnia understands the importance of maintaining good stakeholder relationships and actively engages with the investor communit
  • We have a designated Investor Relations team, who lay out the strategy and processes that engage shareholders
  • Hafnia further engages the investor community through social media and investor roadshows and actively participates in local and international conferences. Our CEO actively takes part in speaking engagements with relevant audiences. This allows us to actively convey our investment proposition and obtain feedback on its expectations
  • Following the quarterly release of financials, we subsequently hold an investor call to present the results. Management presents the financials and commercial updates, followed by a Q&A session
  • A conference call recording is later published on the Hafnia website together with the ac companying PDF
  • Hafnia values strong shareholder value and strives to pay dividends over time
  • Hafnia has consistently paid out dividends and had a total shareholder return of 209% in 2022
  • With a strong market reputation, Hafnia further benefits from solid industry partner relationships and enjoys a firm foothold in the investor community
  • Through active management, (where the market is proactively reviewed for opportunities that create stronger shareholder value), and a keen understanding of shareholders, Hafnia has grown significantly and is now the world’s leading product and chemical tanker company
  • The acquisitions of Chemical Tankers Inc with a fleet of 32 vessels and 12 LR1s fromScorpio in early 2022 increased Hafnia’s overall leverage and breakeven levels. Still, we have consistently worked hard to optimise our balance sheet
  • Hafnia ensures that its shares are liquid to allow lower risks and stable prices for its share- holders
  • In May 2022, Hafnia successfully completed a private placement of new common shares for gross proceeds of USD 100 million, which allowed us to optimise our capital structure
  • Additionally, this enabled us to lower our cash flow breakeven and increase the free float in our shares, demonstrating the commitment to maximising share holder value
  • In February 2023, Hafnia has qualified to also trade its shares on the OTCQX Best Market
  • This allows the Hafnia share to reach a wider range of audience, which will help in higher trading volumes and stronger share-holder returns

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