4.1 2022 Highlights

Investor Website

Hafnia embraces technological advancement to provide effective and transparent communication standards for our stakeholder community.

We have recently revamped our corporate website to allow a more intuitive and friendly interface.

The new website has a dedicated ‘Investor Relations’ segment designed by a specialist company, which features (but is not limited to) key financial information, including:

  • Hafnia investment overview
  • Latest and historical financial results
  • Investor presentations
  • Share price data
  • Financial calendar
  • Analyst coverage
  • Top 20 shareholders (automated)
  • Investor news

Interested parties can sign up to relevant information on both the corporate site and the investor relations site.

The contact details of the Investor Relations team are also available on the corporate website, allowing shareholders to reach out to Hafnia easily with swift response guaranteed.

Beyond Investor Relations information, the below information which might be pertinent to various key stakeholders, is made available on Hafnia’s new corporate website:

  • ESG strategy
  • Fleet list
  • Revenue driving offerings such as information on Hafnia Pools and Hafnia’s Bunker Alliance
  • Management and Board of Directors profiles
  • Media releases

The above list is not exhaustive of all the information available on Hafnia’s corporate website.

For more information, please refer to https://hafniabw.com/

4.2 Investor Information

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