2.3 Minimising our Impact

on the Environment & Biodiversity

Responsible Ship Recycling

Hafnia has not yet recycled any of its ships, as our fleet renewal strategy currently entails that we sell our modern vessels well before the end of their life cycle.

A policy is however in place to underline our approach to ship recycling, with the ultimate objective of disposing of ships in a safe and environmentallyfriendly manner. Recycling of any Hafnia vessel shall therefore be performed at a reputable and certified recycling facility.

The demolition facility must hold a valid class-issued Statement of Compliance with the Hong Kong Convention 2009 or the EU Regulation 1257/2013.

Recycling should not cause pollution of the surrounding waters, land, and atmosphere. Recycling must be done in a manner where hazardous materials are identified, demarcated, and carefully removed prior to, or during the recycling process.

These items should be disposed of in a way which would render them harmless.

We require that all recycling is performed in a manner where the safety, health, and dignity of the involved workforce takes precedence, and that the employment terms and conditions fully respect this. Any recycling and its legal and ethical compliance will be followed, monitored, and reported on, by a Hafnia representative on site.

Our Ship Recycling Policy

2.4 Prioritising Health, Safety & Security

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