2.4 Prioritising

Health, Safety, & Security

Health & Wellness

We strive to keep our employees physically and mentally healthy by taking a holistic and structured approach to mental health and wellbeing.

Igniting conversation on mental health

A sense of belonging and well-being at work are essential to a person’s ability to thrive. It affects how we think, feel and act. In 2022, we made mental well-being a priority of our wellness program:

Hafnia Wellness Program: Since 2018, Hafnia has worked in collaboration with Well at Sea, a service provider who designed the Wellness Program which has been implemented aboard all Hafnia ships.

The main objective of the program incorporates creating engagement and sustainable organisational change through fun and positive experiences that empower the individual and create relationships within the seafaring team.

The Hafnia Wellness Program has demonstrated it can mean different things to different people. The diversity of the program ensures there is something for all e.g., one individual might prefer physical activities when another might want to be more social. Nutrition can also be a focus.This program has proven to increase interaction and relationships between crew onboard the ships irrespective of nationality, race or culture.

Hafnia hears feedback from crewing teams that this helps them become more comfortable, which means that crew are more confident in speaking up in any situation. This ultimately results in increased safety and more effective teams.

Emotional support: We continue having designated seafarer assistance – ISWAN – who are available for free 24/7 multilingual, anonymous and confidential counselling services.

Food quality: We have introduced a Hafnia Catering Module, hosted by Marine Catering Training Consultancy. MCTC is specialised in training multi-national crews, and provides our team opportunities to learn through distance learning courses, the notions on all multi-national aspects of nutrition, cuisine, galley safety and a catering management plan.

The catering consultants support Hafnia’s catering staff in preparing good food and promoting a culture of healthy eating onboard with menu planning designed to be suitable for all cultures.

Our Whole Self program: Together with BW Group, we joined a Mental Health Program called Our Whole Self where all employees and contractors are invited to participate in sessions oriented towards well-being, DIBE and mental health.

Participation in these meetings, webinars and panel discussions is voluntary, but strongly encouraged. We believe that it is a joint responsibility of all Hafnia employees to contribute to a culture of belonging and well-being, while it is a leadership task to facilitate the conversation between teams and individuals.

Flexible working hours

Our People-First company culture is based on mutual respect and trust, allowing team members to make the most of their time.

Onshore, employees can work from home at least 20% of the time, with further accommodations made at the discretion of individual team members’ needs. This is re-evaluated each year within the annual employee engagement survey.

At sea, Hafnia holds shorter tenures on board vs. the industry benchmark – recognising that better mental health is greatly helped via a change in scenery and with loved ones.



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