2.1 Our ESG Approach

Governance, Strategy & Targets


With ESG at the heart of what we do, sustainability stands as one of our four core strategic pillars (see corporate strategy in section 1.2).

At Hafnia, ESG, Climate Strategy, and Governance are prioritised from the top and anchored with the Board of Directors and our Leadership Group.

Business leads have ownership in driving action on key material issues, in alignment with business priorities and long-term ESG focus.

In 2022, Hafnia created a designated ESG function to work across all responsible teams to ensure effective coordination, execution, and communication of ESG efforts, both internally and externally.

This is our ambition to embed ESG in every corner of the organisation and mobilise employees around it.

ESG in our Performance Culture

At Hafnia, we measure individual performance in a holistic way across two dimensions: business delivery through KPIs and how we deliver through behaviour.

Our CEO and CFO KPIs are assessed on a bi-yearly basis together with their ability to drive the ESG agenda on an industry level.

2.2 Driving the Business towards Net Zero by 2050

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