2.6 Integrity & Business Ethics

Our Compliance Program

As a global business, Hafnia inevitably operates in parts of the world where corruption and sanctions are prevalent.

Strong corporate governance and compliance measures, with applicable laws and regulations, as well as commitment to the highest ethical standards are essential to our success.

This section focuses on our approach to business ethics and compliance, code of conduct and anti-corruption practices and responsible supply chain management.

We discuss our overall corporate governance structure and management in Chapter 3.

Our governance and ethical framework is built upon our Compliance Program, which regularly evaluates and updates our compliance and ethics policies and training.

This ensures we are adequately addressing risks and providing appropriate guidance to our employees, contractors, and business partners.

Our Compliance Program is based on three pillars: Establish, Promote and Monitor.

Beyond Legal Compliance

Hafnia complies with legal requirements governing all areas of our business.

We expect employees to be knowledgeable about applicable legal requirements and act accordingly to our Code of Conduct.

Our approach to ethics goes beyond compliance and includes proactive initiatives to safeguard our business reputation, the environment, and the communities we operate in.

We are committed to selecting suppliers and other business partners that demonstrate similar practices, highlighted in our supplier code of conduct.


Code of Conduct 

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