2.5 Focusing on People

Culture & Social Development 

The maritime industry faces several social challenges of which diversity and employee health and safety are our top priorities.

As a leader in the industry, we have an obligation to address and act as a role model in creating a fair, safe, and inclusive work environment, where everyone is encouraged and supported to achieve their full potential. We do this through extensive training at all levels, implementing our CARE (Collaborative, Ambitious, Reliable, Enduring) values to ensure our employees’ physical and mental health and safety, and by helping underrepresented individuals overcome the challenges they face in our sector.

Our social initiatives are comprised of two main areas:

• those focused on our seafarers

• those focused on our office employees

As the two areas often intersect, we collaborate closely to create a uniform yet tailored approach to mutually benefit all.

At Hafnia, we are:

Hafnia is a large company, with people, assets and offices spread across the world. Maintaining a unified, strong culture is vital for people to feel valued for their contributions and as part of a shared company success.

The People, Culture & Strategy team acts as a strategic bridge between our commercial proposition and our people.

In 2022, the team launched several initiatives to drive proximity to our employees’ needs, further promote professional growth and maintain a positive working culture.


  • Held a monthly townhall to inform office staff on key company updates
  • Introduced a new global pre-boarding platform to make sure all our office staff received a cohesive onboarding grounded in our strong values Performed surveys and benchmarks on diversity related topics through the Diversity Study Group
  • Performed a yearly Employee Engagement Survey
  • Performed value-based leadership training
  • Enabled rotations to develop talent to foster a global culture
  • Introduced an enhanced intranet platform aimed at fostering closer bonds and transparent communications on company news and develop-ments

Human Capital

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