1.3 Why Hafnia


Our corporate strategy mentioned on the previous page is lived through every individual in our organisation to ensure they are part of our shared success and vision.

Go-to Stock in Product Tanker Space

Hafnia is the market leader in the tanker sector because of our active management.
We maintain a balance of navigating cautiously through the volatile global environment and decisiveness in appropriate market situations. We work hard to avoid unnecessary risks, however, with a determined attitude to ensure we take full advantage of any upturns in the product tanker market.

What we enjoy today has been a reflection of everything we have worked hard for, which is why we believe Hafnia stands out from our peers.

Hafnia also strives to build trust and confidence within its stakeholder community and incorporate a strong ESG profile. We focus our efforts not only on topics that are material, but also on the ones that are meaningful for the company and our stakeholders.

Fulfilling our ESG ambitions is a top priority, not only in line with following regulations, but also in future proofing our competitive standing in the market

Thomas Andersen

EVP, Head of Investor Relations

Karen Yeoh

Manager, Commercial

The Best TCE Performance

The excellence of Hafnia’s commercial team is special. We operate with a flat structure, which ensures real-time, efficient communication.

When it comes to our market standing, I feel we are modern and agile, hence enabling us to make efficient and quick decisions without compromising on quality. With the strength of our team and coverage globally, I believe Hafnia is in a unique position to maintain and even strengthen our relative TCE performance over time.

We are opportunistic about taking contracts of affreightment at levels supporting our long-term strategy. The operational synergies of our product and new chemical fleet allows us to broaden our cargo carrying capabilities and secure our positioning in the market, and thus reinforce our long-standing relationships with our customers and brokers.

A Growing Pool…

Over 30 owners and operators from all corners of the world entrust Hafnia as a global leader in the Tanker sector to take care of their vessels.

It is exciting to be part of a team that manages these multicultural relationships, and a privilege to represent an organization that promotes such a uniquely versatile and dynamic culture, servicing the diverse needs of our esteemed pool partners.

Pool Management has been an integral part of the Hafnia expansion journey, where I take pride in nurturing relations internationally, across all our pool
segments, further solidifying the robust model of our competitive offering.

Alex Svolakis

GM, Pool Management

Shuzhen Pay

GM, Head of Corporate Finance and Treasury

Continuous Growth through Robust Capital Structure

Working with a strong balance sheet to weather volatility in the market is key, which is why I believe Hafnia first and foremost has such a strong standing.

Our efficient capital structure allows us to operate in a highly competitive yet capital intensive industry. We always look to maximise return on investments
and minimise financial risks.

As an organisation we keep things lean, and always seek to maintain a competitive and cycle-resistant cashflow breakeven level - to ensure value to our shareholders.

I enjoy working for an organisation that can pursue an active growth strategy via its healthy leverage and strong access to the capital market. I am also proud to experience firsthand our team’s ability to
be at the forefront of the transition to a carbon neutral world and see the promising engagement we receive from our lenders and investors in supporting our sustainability journey.

Continuous Growth through Innovation

I believe Hafnia is ahead of the curve when it comes to innovating for the wider maritime ecosystem.

What enables Hafnia to experiment with new technology and partnerships is our agility and faster decision-making ability which can be more challenging in a more traditional ship-owning model. We can go from an ‘idea’ to a minimum viable product/project within weeks or a few months vs. years. Our strength in the tanker market and fleet size easily positions ourselves to attract young companies to try and test technology solutions with us and together identify ways for them to scale their services in the maritime industry.

We have launched various accelerators, innovation competitions and new ventures in the broader ESG space, and we continue to do so in collaboration with other like-minded partners in the maritime industry. This puts us ahead of the curve in partner-based innovation efforts which should fundamentally create solutions at scale and improve the overall digitalisation of the maritime industry.

Shanker Pillai

Head of Innovation and Change Management

2.1 Our ESG Approach

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