2.1 Our ESG Approach

Our Impact on People & the Environment

Our Materiality Assessment identifies and prioritises the most relevant ESG topics for our company. During 2021-2022, internal and external stakeholders, which included Hafnia team members, as well as industry associations, were consulted to ensure our ESG strategy aligned with global trends and evolving expectations.


We additionally applied the GRI principles of stakeholder inclusiveness, sustainability context, materiality, and completeness to further consolidate our strategy. In line with regulatory reporting guidance and investor expectations,we expanded our scope to put greater emphasis on the following material topics:




  • Expanded emissions reporting to cover 
  • Scope 2 
  • Climate risk reporting & investing in low carbon solutions 
  • Ecosystems & Biodiversity 
  • Sustainable Partnerships 


Hafnia Materiality Matrix 2022

Stakeholder Engagement

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