2.6 Integrity & Business Ethics

Code of Conduct


Hafnia Code of Conduct

Operating with the highest standards of integrity is ingrained deeply in our corporate culture.

Responsibilities and conduct standards described in our Code of Conduct includes, but are not limited to, our policies on non-harassment, anti-corruption, whistleblowing, insider trading, conflict of interest, sanctions, anti-trust, anti-money laundering and data ethics. These apply to all employees, contractors, and board members.

We train our employees on applying the Code of Conduct in their daily work and require all employees to confirm annually their full understanding and compliance.

Our Hafnia Code of Conduct 

Supplier Code of Conduct

Hafnia’s supply chain is made up of more than six thousand suppliers, who must strictly comply with our Supplier Code of Conduct. All suppliers are screened at the time of registration to ensure alignment with legislation and undergo an audit of vendors to verify the compliance with our standards.

Our already established best practices ensure that our suppliers embrace our selective standards for employment practises, human rights, safety, environment, quality as well as business conducts and ethics.

As part of our objective to act for the greater good of the maritime supply chain, we are committed to actively working with and supporting our suppliers to maintain a resilient and sustainable supply chain in the maritime industry.

Our Supplier Code of Conduct

Hafnia Key Policies 

Anti-Bribery & Anti-Corruption 

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