2.4 Prioritising

Health, Safety, & Security

Safety Management

Our motto is zero harm to our people, the environment, cargo, and property.

Hafnia is continuously improving and evolving procedures to mitigate hazards faced by the maritime industry. Our safety culture focuses on human factors, and is based on reducing accidents at sea.

Accident & safety management

All employees, crew, contractors, and visitors boarding vessels must follow the respective Hafnia safety management system procedures and policies in place.

Hafnia provides easy access to fleet procedures using a high quality management software called DocMap.

Key topics highlighted in the software are management leadership and accountability, navigational safety, incident investigation and analysis, safety management, emergency preparedness, environmental and energy management and contingency planning and security.

The Technical team also provides regular updates to all fleet staff on important procedural changes.

Systems are tested several times a year via simulated drills, conducted by external experts. Despite significant safety measures in place, we unfortunately lost one of our colleagues in a fatal incident on board one of our ships. Our deepest condolences to his family.

This incident was related to an unauthorised entry into an enclosed space. Any such incidents or accidents reinforce our will to promote heightened awareness when it comes to other team members, and further drive a speaking-up culture when procedures are not followed.

Hafnia has introduced more training and safety measures with a closer assessment of raising the alarm when in doubt.

Our 2022 safety focus areas

In 2022, special emphasis was placed on

  • The fact that we are all human beings and prone to making mistakes. We worked to identify which ones are likely to further avoid or manage them. We appointed ambassadors to drive this implementation onboard
  • Building trust, respect, and confidence in the leadership so people feel comfortable to stop work, speak up, challenge and report matters
  • Reiterating Lock out, tag out (LOTO) process
  • Appreciating and praising team members for correct behaviours
  • Enhancing health, teamwork, and happiness levels onboard
  • Developing new skills and proficiency in shipboard operations
  • Enhancing teamwork in assessing risks before carrying out tasks

Our Safety and Quality Policy Aboard Vessels 

Hafnia ran a hands and fingers injury safety campaign

In 2022, Hafnia ran a hands and fingers injury safety campaign. The objective was not only to increase awareness but also reduce such injuries that accounts for nearly 50% of incidents in the oil and gas industry.

The campaign re-emphasised the main hazards for mechanical-and hand-tool accidents, safe practices for working around equipment, effective engineering, and administrative controls to increase hand and finger safety, and the importance of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and the correct use of machine guards.

Safety certifications and audits

Hafnia regularly monitors fleet safety statistics and benchmarks them against industry standards.Hafnia’s internally managed fleet since 2005 is certified under ISO 14001 standards. This audit is run on an annual basis by Lloyds Register (who have audited Hafnia for the last 5 years).

Annual internal audits of the vessels and office operations are conducted under the International Safety Management (ISM) Code, International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code and Maritime Labour Convention (MLC). In addition, recognised organisations such as classification Societies, Flag States and key customers conduct external compliance audits of all vessels and offices regularly.

Classification Societies and Flag States certify all vessels for five years and carry out interim audits to verify compliance.

Safety performance disclosure and targets

We are proud to report that we performed well across all three measures for Lost Time Incident Frequency (LTIF), Total Recordable Case Frequency (TRCF), and Port State Control (PSC) calculated for all our crew and contractors. Even if LTIF and PSC increased in 2022, we are still experiencing a positive trend with our values well below the target Hafnia set.

Key Safety Statistics

Health & Wellness 

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