2.6 Integrity & Business Ethics

Speak-Up Culture – Whistle Blowing & Grievance Mechanism

Hafnia encourages all our employees to voice concerns, especially in relation to violation of policies. In the event of this, Hafnia will follow an approved investigation procedure upon receiving any concern, either in writing or verbally.

In addition to our internal reporting channel and in accordance with industry best practices (MLC 2006 Regulation / Standard A5.1.5), we have engaged an independent compliance service provider, Navex Global, to provide Hafnia employees with an alternative reporting channel.

Personal data and confidential information supplied is classified and used solely for the purpose of this investigation.

Hafnia’s staff, crew and contractors have access to our 24/7 whistleblowing channels (EthicsPoint – BW Group), and are provided contact numbers for every location.

Hafnia also has a designated whistle blowing platform enabling all stakeholders to raise concerns related to workplace behaviour or ethics, anonymously.

Seafarers can contact staff onshore at any time via phone call or email to our Head of HSEQ and Head of Marine.

All allegations are investigated, depending on its nature, within 90 days. When warranted, investigations may result in disciplinary actions or a review of policies, or a determination that an allegation could not be substantiated.

Our Whistle Blowing platform 

3.1 Governance Structure

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